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Medical Marijuana Doctors The Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center is a professional medical marijuana certification clinic. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center was created to provide qualified patients with certifications for the use of medical marijuana. This certification is provided by Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors and is required in order to obtain valid a medical marijuana ID card from the State of Arizona.*

Marijuana Dispensaries
Medical marijuana has become legal in many states throughout the United States over the past few years. Basically, patients who suffer from diseases such as cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, and other diseases can inquire to see if medical marijuana can help them with their pain and symptom management.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers
Medical marijuana caregivers are people who specialize in evaluating and recommending a medical marijuana. Medical marijuana caregivers can be family or friends who are the primary caregiver for the patient in question. Medical marijuana caregivers may also help patients go through the entire process of obtaining medical marijuana certification.

Arizona Marijuana License
Medical marijuana is not legal at the federal level of government, so each state that has legalized the alternative treatment sets their own rules for the qualifying residents in their state. An Arizona marijuana license is required for anyone wanting to produce or dispense medical marijuana. An Arizona marijuana license is also required for a physician to recommend or “certify” a patient for treatment.

Arizona Marijuana Doctors
The primary mission of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center is to provide the documentation necessary for qualified patients to obtain certification from an Arizona marijuana doctor for using medical marijuana in the State of Arizona. Our Arizona marijuana doctors offer factual medical marijuana information to alleviate uneasiness about choosing medical marijuana as an alternative therapeutic treatment.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors
The primary mission of Arizona medical marijuana doctors is to provide certification necessary for qualified patients to purchase medical marijuana treatment under the State of Arizona’s law. Along with the certification process, Arizona medical marijuana doctors offer factual information so the patient is well-informed regarding treatment choices.

AZ medical marijuana card
The Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center provides certification necessary for qualified patients to obtain an AZ medical marijuana card under the medical marijuana laws. Along with the certification process, our Arizona marijuana doctors offer factual medical marijuana information to alleviate uneasiness about obtaining an AZ medical marijuana card and choosing marijuana as an alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals.

Arizona Marijuana Dispensaries
Proposition 203, also known as the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was a citizen’s initiative on the November 2010 general election ballot. The proposition passed by a small majority, leading the Arizona Health Department to determine legal use and distribution, through Arizona marijuana dispensaries.

AZ Marijuana Doctors
An Arizona marijuana license is required to obtain a medical marijuana card. Qualified patients who obtain certification from AZ marijuana doctors is allowed to use marijuana legally. A professional Arizona medical marijuana clinic has a staff of licensed AZ marijuana doctors.

AZ Medical Marijuana
The Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center is a professional clinic that was established to interview potential patients with certain conditions according to the AZ medical marijuana laws. The certification is provided by AZ medical marijuana specialists that are licensed physicians. AZ medical marijuana laws required that medical records are reviewed and discussed with patients in a confidential appointment at an Arizona medical marijuana center.

Arizona Medical Marijuana
Arizona Medical Marijuana became legal in November of 2010 at the General Election. The Arizona medical marijuana program is organized by the State Health Department, who is responsible for setting guidelines that citizens must follow in order to legally buy Arizona medical marijuana. Qualification for the Arizona medical marijuana program requires a strict certification and application process.

Weed Dispensaries
The cannabis weed has been used in some parts of the world as a pain-soothing treatment for thousands of years. In modern times, the drug has been used for spiritual, recreational and medicinal purposes, sometimes through the use of weed dispensaries. Since 1996 when the state of California passed a proposition that allowed for legal use of medicinal weed and weed dispensaries within the state, other states in the US have considered the use of medical marijuana to offer benefits to patients with qualifying conditions.

Marijuana Testing
In the US at the federal level, marijuana is a Schedule I drug in the United States, along with LSD and heroin. As a Schedule I all of these drugs carry severe federal penalties for possession and supply. Only fifteen states and Washington D.C. have provided medical marijuana laws at the state level. Marijuana testing is still being used by employers, law enforcement, courts and anyone that suspects a minor to be using the drug.

Arizona Law FAQs
Why do I need to have a medical marijuana registry identification card?
According to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, anyone that plans to use marijuana for medical treatment must register through the state health department and obtain a registry identification card. Without the ID card, the patient may be subject to prosecution and penalty for using marijuana illegally.

AZ Cultivation
Who can cultivate marijuana? According to the Medical Marijuana Act, Arizona marijuana cultivation must be kept in a locked, enclosed area, out of public view.

Arizona Physicians Facts
As a licensed physician in Arizona, what are my obligations to my patient? The Arizona laws and rules specify requirements for issuing written certifications for patients for the medical use of marijuana.

Arizona Marijuana Dispensary FAQs
How will Arizona’s Marijuana Dispensaries Operate?The ADHS can issue one medical marijuana dispensary registration certificate for every ten pharmacy permits issued by the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy.
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